Diy Leather Sheath for You Axe!

how to make a sheath for your axe out of leather

Step 1: Find Leather

I had an old piece of leather laying around and an axe that had no cover. put two and two togather and pa-pow there you have it. First I toke my axe and traced the biggest part of the head and cut it out.

Step 2: Make Some Flappy Flaps.

After the hole is cut, slide axe in the hole. You'll want to make a cut so that a flap will almost cover the balde. The two dots I have made will be explained later.

Step 3: Making Flap #2

From the top edge just above the blade cut straight out and straight down. save that piece for later instructions.

Step 4: Making the Tie Downs.

Ok from that piece I told you to save, do your best to make some little pieces. From experience don't make them to small. They will break when pulled tight. Make them about 1/8 of and inche. No less.

Step 5: Cutting Holes for Tie Downs.

Now the two dots I told you you to make, take anything you can, I found a punch and a hammer works great, but if you do have that use scissors like I did.Cut the holes and push through the tie downs. After the tie downs are in place tie a knot in the end that is facing you so the will not pull through when tied.

Step 6: Folding and Cutting the Other Holes and Finshed Sheath.

With the handle facing you fold flap over first flap and then over axe head. Take second flap an fold over that flap. Take the flap that has tie downs in it fold over those flaps. Pull down the last flap a hold finger where holes are going to and cut small slots for the tie downs to go through. Pull tie downs through and tie the togather and the you have it leather sheath for you axe.



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