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Been a long time I did not make a tutorial, and this time I finally have the time to make the tutorial, in contrast to earlier where I made a tutorial on robots and water pipe materials PVC, this time I will share how to make the statue's face with cheap.

I was in fact making this sculpture to mold that will print my face from silicone Gel-10 for the skin on the head of my robots, but because the material was hard to find in my country finally always delayed. so this time i will share only to make a sculpture a head from paper mold, so you can make the Sculpture from clay material, gips material and another lifecast material from a paper mold.

Step 1: Material and Making a Mold Paper

materials using tissue paper and non cemical glue paper, and your face :D

-for first clean your face and apply a moisturizing face cream,

-tear tissue paper into small and then apply glue on both sides of paper, then paste on your face to cover the entire surface of the face except for the eyes and nostrils hole, Repeat this step until a few layers of paper (I do it to 6-10 layers),

-wait a few moments of 15-30 minutes until the glue dries, use a hairdryer to speed up the process

-after it dries, pull the paper mold paper from your face slowly and carefully,

-now you have a master mold made from paper.

Step 2: Making a Sculpture

making a sculpture,

After mold paper is completely dry, fill out the back of the mold paper with materials in accordance with your wishes, could use clay, gypsum, or other materials. This time I used a cement, but you can use Clay, the content of the cement or clay on the back of the paper mold and press slowly the whole surface so that all surfaces of the space filled in and not leaving bubbles on the surface in mold. wait until the dried material.

After completely dry can you pulled it out of the mold, for the use of clay in the next stage of combustion, or entering them in the oven.after it was all over then you will get a printout and ready to coloring and give details.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    I'm so impressed with the amount of detail you were able to get with tissue paper and glue, this is really amazing Eric and thanks for shairing.

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