Diy Rgb Led Mailbox

Hi, this is my second instructable

I upgrade my mailbox with some rgb led and here i want to explain how i make it

in the next step there's all the material and the tool used

the last step contain the finished mailbox

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials list:

• Strip led rgb 5050 ip65 (the lenght you need)
• rgb led mini controller
• ac to dc 12v power supply
• wood (i used pallet)
• screw
• glue

Tools list:

• screw gun
• drill
• scissors

Step 2: Let's Do It

Now we have the mailbox on the bench, measure the mailbox from the top to the bottom and cut a piece of wood about the measurement

Screw it to the back of the mailbox and measure the perimeter

Drill a hole in the back of the mailbox to make the wire go through

Cut the led strip of the wood's length and glue it around like the photo

I put the power supply and the controller inside the mailbox

Step 3:

Now you have an awesome mailbox

You can also use single color strip or program the ws2812b strip to make some special effect

I hope you enjoy



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