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Step 1: Cut Three Pieces of Cords That Are at Least 50 Cm Long. Keep Each Piece of Cord the Same Length and String Two the Jadeite Jade Beads.

Step 2: Tie an Overhand Knot at the Tail of Cord in Case the Jadeite Beads May Slip Off.

Step 3: Repeat the Same Processor on the Other Side.

Step 4: As Shown in This Image.

Step 5: Fold Them in Half and Tie the Six Cords Together With Another Cord.

Step 6: Start Braiding Your Ring by Using the Flat Knot.

Step 7: Stop Braiding When You Reach Your Desired Length.

Step 8: Cut the Loose Ends of Cords Off and Burn Tails of Cords.

Step 9: Move the Jadeite Jade Beads in Middle Place and Tie an Overhand Knot.

Step 10: Repeat the Step 8 Till All the Jadeite Jade Beads Are in the Place.

Step 11: Trim the Excess Cords and Burn the Tails of Cords.

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