Diy Vacuum for Dremel Workstation




Introduction: Diy Vacuum for Dremel Workstation

Things you need for this project:

* 2 containers, I used a housing from cheap garden led light for vacuum chamber and a big sized kinder egg for dust collector.

* pipes and a hose that you find around, main thing is to have 3 joints that fits them so dust collector and vacuum chamber will be removable. I used the joints and pipes that came with garden led light.

* an 12v motor and blade, I used one from an old hand vacuum cleaner.

*an 12v adapter

*a fitting socket for adapter (or cut adapters jack and connect to motor like I did)

*hot silicone gun

*a drill

*a dremel

*insulator tape

Step 1:

Vacuum chamber:

Cut top of container and fit the blades side in, seal around with hot silicone so air will only go out through blades.

Drill the air intake hole and join parts, then seal around with insulator tape.

Step 2:

Drill air intake and put the hose through, drill out air exit and glue the joint there. Air exit should be facing motor side and air intake to hose side. Dust will be collected inside this container, you will fill it with sponges etc to absorb smaller dust particles but make sure you don't overfill and drown the motor.

Connect the power adapter to motor and you have your vacuum ready.

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Oh this is a great idea. My Dremel always makes such a huge mess!


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    indeed, rotary tools are perfect mess machines :)