Do Not Throw Away Old IPhone. Make Your Own Head Up Display for Your Car Much Less Than $ 30.




Are you worrying about how to handle your old iPhone? Most people give it to children to use it as iPod touch or personal gaming system. Here's a genius application I'm using while I'm driving, I always driving as pilot a plane now.

Let me guide you how to make your own head up display.

Step 1.

Refer the instruction to make you own cardboard base to fit your smartphone.

Step 2.

Install Navigation or Driving Assistant App.

Turn by Turn Navigation : Hudway or Navier.

Navigation Map : Sygic or Garmin

Speedometer : Speedometer or Awesome HUD

OBD : Torque or EOBD

Step 3.

3. Order Head Up Display combiner (glass) via Amazon and assembly it with your cardboard base.

Enjoy it.



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    3 years ago

    you still have to either Wi-Fi hot-spot the device which costs or buy it it's own data plan which costs.