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Introduction: Do the Kick Worm

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Add one of the most impressive and dynamic moves of all time to your arsenal. Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Public Dance shows for change - you'll be armed and ready. The kick worm is a commitment, but its not as difficult as say, the headspin. Nonetheless, it's still recognizably dope.

Please note: I'm about 5-7 years past my prime for doing the worm. As you read through this, take pity on an old white dude who thinks he can still (if he ever could) dance.

Step 1: Video. Fresh.

Ok, so upon further prompting for the Instructables community, I've upgraded the shoddy camera phone video to illustrate the kick worm in motion to one that, dare I say, is pretty FRESH. I hope you like it and it clearly demonstrates this move. It's a dying art and something that needs to be passed on to generations to follow.

Thank you to Instructables for suggesting a much clearer video.

Step 2: Prep Steps

After you clear a little space with some general poppin', you're in position to get into your worm. Take a step back and clear your mind for the worm.

Step 3: Entering the Worm

There's two ways to do this. If you have the skills, throw yourself into a handstand (that you don't have to hold) and lower your chest to the floor, your legs will follow. I did it here but in the video, I went from the "put your body on the floor and worm it" position. Mainly because, marble floors hurt.

Since this was originally posted, I've added a new video which more clearly illustrates this.

Step 4: Prone to Wiggle

Your whole body is now on the floor, your feet are perpendicular to the ground with your toes touching.

There are two ways to go here, you can either extend your arms in front of your body or the safer way is to put your hands on the side of your body as though you were going to do a pushup.

My personal opinion is that it doesn't look quite as good to do the pushup style but WOW is it more comfortable. Bend your legs at the knee so that they are perpendicular to the floor. Then kick down and have your toes meet the floor.

Step 5: Activate... WORM!

Kick off the floor with your toes, trying to thrust yourself forward. Raise your hips as you do this and push up with your hands.

If you opted for the arms extended position, now is the time to throw your arms above your head. Your toes, then legs, then chest and arms will come back to the floor, then kick yourself off again.

With your hands on your side, you can just land and gently place your upper body back on the ground. It's kind of like a rocking motion, kick off with your toes, roll your body up, then the toes connect with the floor again. Repeat.

Step 6: Worm Away

Here's a quick video of what it should look like. Hopefully you can think of a more graceful way to pop out of it than I did.




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    aw bleep u man i hit my nee on the floor aw imagine a fat person ow

    THE WORM IS NOT BREAKDANCING AND BREAKDANCING IS NOT A WORD IT'S BREAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the worm is not even a move, just some weird thing that some kids probably made up about 20 years ago and is not to be mixed up with breaking, as u can not do the worm to any beat and actually do it TO the beat. sorry to get mad, but i just get so made when "worm" and "breakdancing" are even in the same sentence together. otherthan that, nice instructable

    18 replies

    lol its a party trick now, but it used to be assosciated with breakdancing. it looks cool, but so many people can do it, now its about how high you can get. i can get 1/2 a metre

    true. it is fun. VERY fun. and this is also an excellent instructable. now i just need to learn what combo i can do this into. hmmmmmm.....

    by assossiated, i do not mean it used to be a move, i mean that it was generally classed as one.

    I warned my skills are both limited and tarnished. I made the video in my office. Sorry if it offends the purist in you, just trying to have a little fun.

    sorry, it just makes me soo mad sometimes that people actually think the wrom is breaking, as it has nothing to do with breaking and does not fit the definiton. again, sorry.

    Don't be sorry, it's all good. You're just passionate. You should post an Instructable on poppin'.

    i don't pop, well sometimes i do, and i can, but i mostly break, wich i'm soon going to post an instructable on.

    I find it fascinating that you're a 12-year old white kid lecturing us about "breaking." First of all, what you call "breaking" is called break dancing. But the philosophy behind break dancing is self expression. There are no break dancing rules. If this guy feels that the worm is break dancing, then it is his right to do so. Also: THE WORM IS NOT BREAKDANCING AND BREAKDANCING IS NOT A WORD IT'S BREAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One or two exclamation points will do, thank you.

    that is because i am passionate about breaking, wich i shall call instead of breakdancing. And the reason i don't think this is breaking is because when he's doing the worm, it doesn't seem that he is doing it to any particular beat. and if there weren't any music, (but there was) then it would not be dancing at all because your not dancing unless ur dancing to a beat or music. the music sets the tempo. and what u call breakdancing i call breaking. there is no correct prunuciation of breaking or breakdancing, so u can call it breakdancing and i'll call it breaking, and i do all this because of how passionlately i love to dance, that's all. i don't want to make anyone angry or start any fights, i just want to show the particular way i learned breaking, and whenever i see soemething other than that i think of it as wrong, that's just how i am. sorry for the misunderstanding.

    your talking quite a bit of smack and i havn't seen any kind of instructable on how to break, you should prove my judgement on you wrong an post a good instructable on how to break "properly"

    if i sound mean, I'm not trying to be, i just wanna see something :)

    oh. ok, well, if i get around to it, but i have dance tonight, a friend comes over tommorow, and i'm sleeping over at a friends house on the weekend.

    In the meantime, you can keep talking about how other people do it wrong when all they are trying to do is have some fun. This is my take on the move. Dance is an interpretive medium so if i "sorta couldn't do it right" its by your standard, which is fine, then make one with your version, that's all.

    sorry. i just kinda am really passionate about this. if you want more information, look at comment two things above. hey, how about we just drop this topic and forget all this ever happened. that be good

    Do you know any break beats that are easy to break to? all i have is Hilltop, 2Pac, the Game and Funkoars to break to, but their beats aren't the best, and usually either too slow, fast, or have annoying pauses.