DoDo Case Headband and Front Cover

Introduction: DoDo Case Headband and Front Cover

If you wanna build a DoDo Case (version 1.2.1) then follow these steps and you should have one in no time.

Step 1: Buy

buy DoDo Case

Step 2: Assembly

Assemble DoDo Case

(directions come in box)

Step 3: Foam Nose Piece

Once you have completed the previous step take foam ind insert around the nose piece (glue it)

Step 4: Headband Attatchment

if you look at either side you will see a slit. insert the head band piece on both sides.

Step 5: Front Cover

choose a front cover setting that fits your game (or personality) if you prefer and stick it on the front.

Step 6: Finalized Product

this is what your DoDo Case should look like.



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