DoDo Mobile Theatre

Introduction: DoDo Mobile Theatre

Hello. i was thinking on a good hack on this vr design..

And i was thinking of bringing the theatric experience in mobile. and i got this project

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Step 1: Getting Started

Hello for this design we dont need so much stuff

1,dodo vr case


3. sticking tape

now get ready to get it working

Step 2: Cutting

now get your scissors ready make sure to be safe when working on it

now start to cut an cardboard in the same size of the case perimeter/length

now remove the closing flap of the case and remove the velcro from the base case

Step 3: Top Extension

Now we need to make an extension for the case as our eyes cant see the near focus object

here we used the cardboard to make an extension

and i used the cellotape to fix it nicely

and check if it fits into the vr correctly

now attach the velcro and fix the closing flap using some paper and tap for better fixing

Step 4: Final Step

Final step is too hard.

just keep your mobile and enjoy the movie in real theatric experience.

for more realistics paint the inner surface with black.

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