Doc Ock Tentacles Costume

Introduction: Doc Ock Tentacles Costume

I love Spiderman, he's my favorite super hero, and in his comics he also features my favorite villian Doctor Octopus. Ever since I saw him in the comics and then in the old Spiderman 2, I was amazed by how cool he was. So I decided to make my own Tentacles, it's very simple, a little time consuming and should cost you under $10.



3/4 inch by 6 foot pvc insulation (2X)

Duct Tape


Scissors / Box Cutting Knife

Red Paint

Black Paint

Step 1: Create the Claws

I started by cutting 4 squares of cardboard out if a box, from there I drew the claw to the dimensions of drew in picture 1. After you have your Claw properly sized, cut it out. You can trace this Claw cutout on your 3 other cardboard squares. After you have all 4 Claws bend the Claw as shown in picture 2. Next spray paint all 4 of your Claws black. Then take some grey duct tape and slice it into thin long stripes. Then wrap the dick tape stripes around the triangle bases on the claws like in picture 3. Then paint a red snowflake / star like image in the middle of the claw.

Step 2: Glue and Tape

Tape lines of duct tape on your foam tubing to make it look more like docs arms like in picture 1. Then glue the Claws on top of the tubes like in picture 2!

Step 3: Tie and Finish

Tie and Tape 2 shoe laces to the tubes like in picture 1. These shoe laces will go around your arms like a backpack and fit nicely and tight. Then you should be able to walk around with the Tentacles on you like a backpack basically and become Doctor Octopus!! Enjoy your cheap spiderman villian costume!!

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