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Doc Scratch is from the massive webcomic Homestuck by Andrew Hussie.  He is one of my favorite characters for many reasons: he is neither human or troll; he has a godly amount of power sourced from "The Green Sun;" and his powerful, cool demeanor and personality make him truly stand out.  Unfortunately, if you have read Homestuck to the current page, you'll know what fate awaited him as an 'Excellent Host.'  (He truly was the best there is.)  If you haven't read it, then I won't spoil it for you.  (Link To Homestuck) (Also, for reference: Doc Scratch's First Appearance In Non-Chat Form.)

To quote Microsoft Paint Adventures Wiki: "Being [nearly] omniscient, he is an extremely skilled manipulator. He also fits into the billiards concept introduced by The Felt, representing the cue ball. His name is an obvious reference to the pool term for pocketing the cue ball. This relates to how Doc Scratch would die in order to bring forth Lord English. It may also play on "Old Scratch," a traditional name for Satan, which relates to his role as "The Devil" in the story of the Ancestors. "Scratch" also means "to erase or eliminate", which reflects English's role as the demon that will destroy the universe. Like his master, Doc Scratch is not his true name, rather, it is merely a pseudonym.

Scratch appears as a humanoid figure in a white and green suit with a white handgun. His head is shaped like a cue ball, though the lack of an outline makes it look less like a ball and more like a hole in space."

This instructable shows how to build my lego rendition of him.  He is complete with movable legs, arms, and a swiveling head.  He is very accurate looking, and is an all around great thing to build on a rainy day when all you have is a pile of green and white Legos.  I see no reason not to build him, so get to it.  


Step 1: Doc's Chest

Build his chest here with bow tie, jacket, buttons, and all.

Step 2: Doc's Legs

Build his white pants and shoes.  They are movable and posable!

Step 3: Doc's Arms

Build his arms.

Step 4: Doc's Head

Build his cue-ball-like head.



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    5 years ago

    You could stop by your local Lego store and pick up the pieces you need.

    1 reply

    That's actually not a bad idea, but legos are actually quite expensive. It is something to think about, though, and I just might do that, and update this instructable with better instructions. The Captors are my patron trolls, by the way, and it's a lovely picture. What's your tumblr; I'll definitely want to follow you? Mine is here. :p


    5 years ago


    14, 11:58 AM.jpg

    Thank you! No, unfortunately, I didn't have enough pieces to do it physically. If only I had an infinite pieces... Maybe someone will come along and build me a physical version; it's doubtful, though: this instructable seems to not be getting much recognition. It's perfectly ok with me, though; I had a lot of fun building it and making instructions, and that is all that matters. Im glad you like it! :P