Dock for EV Charging Station - a 5 Minute Instructable

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I have a Hybrid Plug in Ford C-Max Energy, and absolutely love it.

I installed a fast charging station in my garage, but there is no real place to store the charging port; either it sits on my work bench or hangs off the charger, and I wanted something more convenient.

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Step 1: PVC, You and Me!!

Taking a 2" PVC cap, I drilled a center hole on top of it, and then filed out the shape of the charger handle locking mechanism, added a small 1" long piece of 2" PVC pipe as a charger glide.

Step 2: Mounting

Two holes in the back, and it's DONE!!!

Cost is less then $2.00 and you have a convenient place to store your EV car charger!

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