Doctor Who - Galaxy Shoes


Introduction: Doctor Who - Galaxy Shoes

Hello everyone :)

keep reading to see how to make a very original and amazing galaxy shoes!
It is easier than it seems! Enjoy ;)

Step 1: Making Galaxy Background

So the first step you have to make is creating the background.

We're creating a galaxy pattern; all you need is to apply with a sponge the colors on your shoes. They must be acrylic or specific for texture.
Start with black (cover all the shoes) and then the other colors from the darkest to the brigther (so dark blue, blue, ligth blue and so on). To make the stars use a thootbrush.

Here below you can find the video tutorial that is more accurate :)

Step 2: Doctor Who Phone Box

And here you'll find how to draw the phone box :)

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    the fandom has reached instructables I see. If we keep going the entire galaxy will know about doctor who!! Lmao

    Cool! I like these! Thanks for sharing.

    Your first video is not working. Second one is fine.