Doctor Who River Song's TARDIS Journal

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Intro: Doctor Who River Song's TARDIS Journal

this is not a full instructable just some puctures of this i made, it is just some ilustration cardboard for the larger parts and some blue foamy for the details, i used the dry brush technique to simulate weathering, the "weeping angel inside is made from sugru,an i glued some pages from old yellowed magazines inside.
it can be a nice picture frame. 
look at my "doctor who tardis model" instructable  it is almost the same proces.
hope you like this !



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    inventor scout

    3 years ago

    Could you add some steps telling how to do this?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    gracias ! tratare de hacer otro y recordar tomarle fotos esta hecho de cartulina ilustracion y foamy para los detalles,