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Hello there - in 2013 I was asked by some friend to make a Cardboard Taris Console based on the 4rth Doctor. I was up for the challenge to display this large prop at Fan Expo 2013. My plan was to have the console build out of cardboard so it would be light and cheap. Also I wanted a prop that people could go up to and interact. This means that if they damaged it I would not be too concerned. Also I needed the pieces to be light for transportation.

So materials:

20 sheets of 50x50 2 ply corrugated cardboard

Liquid Nail - 8 tubes (No more Nails)

4 cans of silver tubes of white paint

Stuff from the Dollar store:

bicycle lights toy lights old keyboards ear plugs led lights holographic poster board plastic tubes levers styro balls large plastic tube containers (used to hold christmas balls) wax paper paper clip containers temp gauge spray can lid plastic fan lid plastic misc objects red clear poster kitchen timer.....

Step 1: Building the Pies and Pillars...

I researched and found some rough plans on building Tardis..but for the most part I winged it.

With my trusty box cutter and with some simple match I cut 5 pies and 5 base to form the console.

All of it was glued using liquid nails which proved to be very strong with cardboard.

Step 2: Painting and Then Adding the Details to the Pies...

Before I added the panel details, I took the finished pillars and pies outside for a coating of silver prime/paint....then brought it back in and started adding lots of pieces I got from the Dollarstore, garage sales etc...

Step 3: More Detailing

I continued over the course of a month to look at the TV Show's console pics and added as close as I could several pieces....

Step 4: More....

I found these cool LED lights and added them on....

Step 5: More Detailing

You can see some reference pics I used....the levers were from swivel lights that I used to create the moving knobs...

Step 6: Final Detailing

I even added a little speaker with Tardis sounds from the Tv Series....the final console come apart in 10 sections....5 pies from the top and 5 pillars....and then they all fit in a cargo van for easy transportation....each separate part is light and easy to move around for setup and break down....

Step 7: LED CONSOLE ROTOR....look Lights....

The console rotor in the middle is a plastic container with wax paper taped on the inside and I had placed a led strips that flashed blue....

Step 8: Final Pics....2013 Console Done

Took me 3 months....Fan Expo for 2013 was fun and I believe the crowd had a good time interacting with it...thanks for following....



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    2 years ago

    That's awesome!
    Now I'm wondering if I could make one of these as a computer desk/work station...

    2 replies

    Reply 9 months ago

    when i make it at some point I'm going to use a working laptop as the scanner screen


    Reply 2 years ago

    that would be a good idea for a workplace, at home or in the officeplace.


    2 years ago