Dodecahedron Pictureframe Stand




Introduction: Dodecahedron Pictureframe Stand

Contains 10 picture frames mounted as a globe of earth stand of plywood.Rotates by hand on 25mm dowel.The individual frames are glued at an angled edge in two halves which mesh when brought together and this is held by a peg top & bottom through the stand and the slotted end of the dowel .It is about 400mm high, the frames have a side of 105mm. I've made a variation of the stand which is less complex to make.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi , thanks for your interest in the picture frame and sorry I took a while to reply. I built it with fairly basic tools, it's done with 12 pentagrams glued together in two halves of 6 with the middle one in each pivots around a25mm pole,400mm length. You'll need a mitre saw, a 54 degree angled stop for the mitre saw which I made up in the saw , small drill press , 1" spade bit, router with a straight edge bit mounted at a 32 degree angle to the vertical,I dont have a router table but made one up myself to suit the job. I also use a band saw for some of the cuts,especially the arc of the stand which I made a template for quickness. I used velcro straps to hold the frames together while gluing. I used a mat point tool for the backing board fixings which is cheaper than a framing tool.I got the framing timber ready made from the hardware along with the rest of the wood.Let me know if you have the tools then I can guide you through the construction.

    Cheers, Rob.