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Our Maker Space was lucky enough to get to participate in the Instructables DodoCase event. I was pretty excited about this as I had heard of them, but never gotten my hands on one. I showed up and put together my kit - slapped my phone in and immediately was heartbroken. The Samsung Galaxy 3 was too big for my Dodo case and when I 'forced it in' it pressed the power button - shutting off the screen. This Instructable is how I fixed this problem.

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Step 1: Trim Down the Included Bracket

The kit came with a 'bracket' you could install if your phone was too small to fit in the Dodocase. My problem was the opposite, but I used the bracket to help me out. Start by trimming the bracket down to fit between the edge of the Dodocase and just shy of where your power button will rest. Once you're happy with the size remove the paper backing to expose the sticky side. Press the sticky side down against the inside of the Dodocase.

Step 2: Add a Little Support to the Other Side

Once you have the main part of the phone brace in add a little piece to the other side of where the power button will rest. This will keep your phone "level" in the case. Using the same bracket (from what you just cut up) cut a small piece that will fit between the end of the case and where the power button will rest. Again, remove the paper from the sticky side and press the sticky side down into the case. You should now have a 'brace' with a whole in it - just big enough to allow your phone to reset inside without hitting the power button.

Step 3: Put Your Galaxy Note 3 In

Now that you have a little 'wiggle room' in your Dodocase - reinsert your phone making sure the power button is in between the two pieces of support you just added. You will, most likely, need to use the included rubber band to keep your Dodocase closed (I only fixed the power button issue - not the overall size), but it worked for me :).

Have fun!

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