DodoCase Virtual Reality Goggles Instructable




Introduction: DodoCase Virtual Reality Goggles Instructable

This is the Instructable for the DodoCase VR Smartphone Virtual Reality Viewer Version 1.1. You can find this viewer at The Dodocase Website. This viewer requires a smartphone.

Step 1: Pop Out Cardboard Slots

Using an exacto knife, pen, or pencil pop out all the cardboard slots to ensure easy fitting

Step 2: Place NFC Sticker

Place the NFC sticker on the black pad labeled "place NFC tag here".

Step 3: Lens Stickers

Place the ring shaped stickers to the side that says "Peer into the future". Make sure the sticker overhangs the eye holes on all sides.

Step 4: Place Lenses

Unwrap the lenses and note that one side of the lens is flatter than the other. Adhere the flat end of the lens to the sticker. The curved part of the lens should be on the opposite side of "peer into the future".

Step 5: Place the Velcro Pieces

Adhere the two fuzzy velcro pieces to the black pads on the upper flap labeled "Inspired by google cardboard".

Adhere the the hook velcro pieces to the black pads on the panel that has a half circle cut out of it.

Step 6: Place the Double Sided Tape

Adhere the double sided tape to the center of the rectangles on panel "A" and panel "B"

Step 7: Close Panel

Close panel "A" to the matching panel "A". Place the black magnet into the hole marked "insert magnet". The tape should hold the magnet in place. Then fold and attach panel "B" to the matching panel "B". You should have an enclosed rectangle by now. Place silver ring in the designated slot.

Step 8: Insert Nose Piece

Insert the nose piece into the center of the goggles. The flat end should be against the NFC sticker.

Step 9: Insert the Faceplate

Insert the faceplate so that the curved lenses face the NFC sticker. "Peer into the Future" should be visable from the outside. The goggles are now assembled! Make sure to insert the phone with the screen towards you, and align the camera with the opening in the cardboard.

There is an extra cardboard shim piece you can adhere just below the NFC sticker if you have a smaller phone (such as iphone).

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