Does Your Cider Keep You Awake at Night?

Introduction: Does Your Cider Keep You Awake at Night?

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Normally, a good dose of cider ('hard cider' to Americans, for some reason) sends me to sleep.

However, if you are like me and you ferment your cider in your bedroom (just in case you need a tipple at 3am and can't wait for it to finish fermenting) then the constant 'plop' 'plop' from the airlock might drive you bonkers.

It certainly drives me bonkers.

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Step 1: Make a Muffler

One night, a very vigorous fermentation was 'plopping' away, every second.

I won't even have a mechanical clock, ticking in my bedroom so the cider equivalent is unwanted too.

I took a towel and folded it a few times to make a muffler.

Step 2: All's Quiet on the Cider Front... Almost

The towel muffler is balanced on top of the airlock.

This won't create a seal so the carbon dioxide can still pass through the airlock and the 'plopping' is deadened somewhat.

My demijohn is in my bedroom cupboard and with the muffler in place, I get a good night's sleep.

Happy brewing!

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    This is a great idea! The worst thing that happened to us was when we made elderberry wine and laid it down on the top of the wardrobe. The corks blew one night and gave us an early alarm call - also saved on redecorating the bedroom - though the colour was a little challenging. Over here in France now we have an organic cider apple orchard but we tend to eat the apples. One day we might get organised and get the travelling press round, as it is the traditional old variety apples and so should make excellent cider. Best Wishes, Organikmechanic aka Andy