Dog Agillity Hurdle!



Introduction: Dog Agillity Hurdle!

When you see dog agility contests you know that you want to do that with your dog. You can by dog agility sets like this one from amazon:
But this kit is 40 dollars and does not contain all that I wanted. This is how I decided to make a dog agility hurdle.

1. 8 nails with a big head.
2. 4 large screws.
3. 3 3/4 inch dowels.
4. Spray on gloss.

1. Hammer
2. Screwdriver
3. Yard Stick

Step 1: Measuring!

To start get 2 dowels, 8 nails, and a yard stick. Grab The dowels and put them side by side on a table where the tips are at the exact same place. Get a marker and draw a dot on both dowels that is six inches from the bottom of the dowel. Then draw three more dots on each of the dowels at 11 inches, 16 inches, and 21 inches. Make the dots in a strait line so that if you drew a line connecting them it would be completely strait. 

Step 2: Nails!

Next grab the nails and hammer a nail into each dot on both dowels. Make sure the nail is angled a bit up. Also make sure the nail has a big head like the picture above.  

Step 3: Screws:

And next place two screws in the bottom of the dowels. The screws should be about 3 inches long and fairly large. Screw them into the bottom of the dowel about 4 centimeters apart. Use a screw like the one above.

Step 4: Ending!

Place the dowels in the ground about 1 1/2 feet apart and place your third dowel on the nails. To adjust height switch to different nails. Next spray the whole thing with spray on gloss or leave it be.

You are now done. Enjoy your new dog hurdle.

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