Dog Bed With Toy Box

Introduction: Dog Bed With Toy Box

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Dog bed with toy box

This is a nce simple project that you can make in an afternoon. Now admittedly I used pocket holes to joinery but you can certainly simply just screw it together.

I first mill down the stock to the length I require roughly x2 at 800mm x 150mm and x3 and 600mm x 150mm and the base I use is simple a scrape piece of 7mm ply. remember these measurements will differ depending on the size you require. If I was to make this again I would make it a little smaller.

Take one of the 800mm pieces and i make the entry point by measuring in and using some french curves to to draw an even looking curve and use a a straight edge to join the two. I cut this out on the bandsaw, but if you do not have a bandsaw then use a jigsaw or even a copping saw.

I then pre-drill the pocket holes on the stock and glue and clamp and pocket screw the 4 outer boards together. I measure in 200mm and on the long sides and mark where the in board is to go for the divider for the toy box area. I line up, glue and clamp making sure I get it as square as possible and pocket screw the inner divide into place, then proceed to wipe the glue. I turn my focus now to the base.

I didn't have a piece of ply large enough so I use two pieces but would make sense to use a single pie of ply. cut to size 800 x 600 and I simply screw it on and use a trim router to trim the edges even and then sand.

I then sand making sure all edges are rounded over and no sharp edges anywhere. Once done I put in place put the dog bed in and put the toys away...

There you have it a dog bed and toy box.


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