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Introduction: Dryer Drum Dog Bed

Our dryer motor went kapoot and to make it easier to dispose of I stripped it all down but found it difficult to throw out the drum(I upcycle whenever I have a chance). I knew it could serve another purpose but for what I did not know. It sat in my garage for months til one day I looked at it and this is what I saw.

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Step 1: Prepping the Drum

I used a wire wheel on my angle grinder to clean it up(cob webs and dirt) and to scuff it up so it would take the paint.

Step 2: Cutting the Door

I used poster paper my wife bought to glue a puzzle she completed. I cut out a circle, taped it to the drum and and traced around with a sharpee. I used the cutting wheel on my angle grinder to cut out the hole. *note this does weaken the structure of the drum.

Step 3: Ready for Paint

I used a 2coats basic gray primer spray paint, then 2 coats pink spray paint for base coat.

Step 4: Polka Dots

Halfway through this step I almost changed up the design. I used the garage sale round stickers. I wanted small dots because big dots would have made it look clown like. *note use all white dots, color dots will start to peel and fall off halfway through applying, found that out the hard way.

Step 5: Ready for Top Coat

I used 3 coats of the black spray paint . Let dry for 24 hours. Although the inside probably didn't need it. I applied a coat of black.

Step 6: Removing Polka Dots

Just as tedious taking them off as it was putting them on. I used a tweezers being careful not to scratch the paint. Applied 2 coats clear and let dry

Step 7: Cutting the Walls

For the inside walls I used the brown Tag board 1/8" not the one with the holes because your going to need to bend it significantly to get it through top hole. I tried 1/4" first and it snapped in half when attempting to bend. Measure the inside circumference and cut the tag board. I cut that board in half the then putting the boards together (I used the paper circle I used earlier to cut the drum) to transfer to the boards so half the circle is on each board. I used jigsaw to cut out the hole. I fit both boards inside and using the holes that the paddles to the dryer bolted to, used sharpee to mark the holes. Removed the boards and drilled the holes for Tnuts(see picture)hammer in tnuts, paying attention to the correct side.

Step 8: Adding the Fur

With the walls cut out, I cut the fur to wrap around, 1/2" larger than the face and cut batting to size of the face. I used spray adhesive to mount. Once dry(almost instant) was able to mount walls. I got a deal at Hancock Fabrics on the fur material.

Step 9: Furry Top

I used 3/4" plywood cut to the size of the drum 2 exact circles. 1 for the top the other you will need to cut out for the original opening for the dryer so its just the outside ring. I screwed them together and attached batting with spray adhesive. I cut the fur and used upholstery staples to attach to wood. *note knowing that not all dryer drums are the same in size I didn't get specific as to size of cuts. *note The top is not intended as a seat, as stated before the structure has been compromised and is no longer load bearing.

Step 10: The Bed

I shopped online for what seemed forever for a pink pet bed to fit. no luck. I used the piece I cut out for the ring used foam and wrapped in fur with upholstery staples on the bottom. One question I was asked by Sister in law was how do you clean it? well you could febreeze it. This wasn't made for the general pet in mind. This is made for the dogs you see in purses and such, Spoiled pets. Although not practical, I had a vision and this was it.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I love the look, smile. I was told by an eye specialist vet NOT to use febreeze around pets, so I don't buy it anymore. She said dogs have very low immune systems and in the midwest, they also should not be outside when farmers plow the fields...there is something in the dirt?.....my dog did not have cataracts, but she inferred this was her problem with the cloudy eyes. and febreeze...she also said people doing chemo should not be outside when they plow either, who knew?

    Tater Zoid
    Tater Zoid

    5 years ago

    This is a great idea.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you.