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Introduction: Dog Car Harness Safety Seat

Here is a way to use your own dog harness for a safe and comfortable ride for Fido :) I developed this for my small dog, but it works well for big dogs too! It will keep them from running back and forth in the back seat.

Why I came up with this design?

My dog used to ride on my lap, but after a bad accident in which we were hit and she was thrown into the front passenger foot area, I decided she needed a much safer way to travel. (She was uninjured!) I looked at a lot of safe ways for her to ride in the car with me. The concept I like most was the harness kits that connect to the seat belt. However, the harnesses that came with these did not fit my pup well. I decided to make my own and used my own harness that fits her very well.

If this is the first time your dog isn't riding on your lap, they will have to learn to sit in the back seat. They may whine, but that doesn't last.  I gave my pup lots of treats and put a bed that she LOVES in the seat. She is safer and I am happy that she will probably be with me a lot longer!!

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Step 1: Materials

1 Weight-bearing Carabiner

1 Climbing Sling

The first two items can be purchased at any rock climbing gear distributor.

1 Metal Hook Clip (Make sure the hook part swivels, this will keep the sling from twisting and becoming immobile as your dog moves and changes positions.)

The sizes for the three pieces will depend on the size of your dog. I purchased a carabiner that would be able to hold my dog's weight and added a little extra to compensate for possible force depending on how fast I may be driving. Something to think about. The hook clip can probably be the size of the one on your dog's leash.

Step 2: Assemble Your Pieces

Press the climbing sling flat and string one end half way through the metal clip.  It should be have way strung, collect both ends and clip the carabiner through both. 

This step is well portrayed in the pictures.

Step 3: Attach to Seatbelt

Clip the seatbelt into its designated buckle and pull snug against the seat.  Clip the carabiner to the strap that would go across a person's chest. 

That's it!  Safe Travels!

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    My only question is why? I assumed this would be about making a dog harness with common household items on the cheap. Why would I go by a biner and a sling when I could just buy the seat harness for what I'm guessing would be nearly the same price?

    I really want to know your reasoning. Maybe there's some pro vs. con I'm not considering.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea but I have one concern. Wouldn't the metal swivel hook also be exposed to the same force as the carabiner and possibly break being as it looks flimsy and is two pieces? Perhaps you could use two carabiners? The dog might get it twisted sometimes but it definitely wouldn't break. Just something to consider.


    5 years ago

    thanks, this will work GREAT for my 3 dogs. I travel with them less and less cuz they are always into something (mostly in my way) when I'm driving.