Dog Deterrent Trash Can

Introduction: Dog Deterrent Trash Can

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Dog Deterrent Trash Can

My wife rescued a dog some time back. The dog had lived on the street for a while before we came to be the owners.

The dog had a nasty habit of getting into our trash can, all the time, I tried all sorts of remedies but they were annoying to say the least. 1st we put the trash in the utility room, but this was troublesome to go back and forth, then we bought a different style can (see image) and she still managed to pull garbage from it. I started placing heavy items on the lid, but again this was a nuisance.

I had some rolling duffle bag straps (that I salvaged) from a duffle bag that had become useless a few years back. So It hit me, I gathered the strap, nuts, bolts, washers, ect. from my utility / work shop room.

Ø Strap (new or salvaged) appx. $0.50

Ø 2x nuts appx. $0.20

Ø 2x bolts appx. $0.20

Ø 2x locking washers appx. $0.20

Ø 2x washers appx. $0.20

Ø 1x hinge appx. $2.00

Ø 1x Hook and loop (Velcro) w/sticky backing appx. $3.50

Ø Thread and needle appx.$2.00

Loctite Clear Power Grab (Or some filler that will get hard i.e. JB weld) appx. $5.00

Approximate cost if you have none of the items listed: $13.80

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Step 1: Fill Clasp Void

Please forgive me. This is my first Instructable!!! Also, I would like to apologize, I have no "during process" photos.

With appropriate hinge, place one side into back side of clasp secure with your bolts. (do not put the nuts or washers on at this point.

Fill back cavity with: Loctite Clear Power Grab (Or some filler that will get hard i.e. JB weld)

Leave threaded bolt in place till it is dry, (this is for load bearing), once dry remove bolts by simple unscrewing them. hinge should be secure to the open ended clasp.

Step 2: Mount Open Clasp

Where you mount the open clasp will depend on the length of your strap that is attached to the locking clasp... I used center from left to right and appx. 5 inches from front to back, I wanted wy strap to make a soft bend over the front of the trash can lid.

locking washer should be next to the nut and then normal washer next to the trash can lid.

Step 3: ​Sewing the Hook Loop

Secure your "hook Loop" to your strap, be smart about what you use. I used nylon string with my nylon strap.

Step 4: Secure the Other "hook Loop"

Attache your clasps, attach your "Hook Loop" (Velcro) to the other side. peal the sticky cover off, and apply the sticky side to the trash can.

Step 5: Completed

That's it, you are finished.

You can find me at

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    5 Discussions

    Would you be able to just use 2 strips of hook & loop (velcro) without the buckle? Glue the top strip to the lid?

    My parent's 10lb dog figured out how to open cupboard doors to get at the dog food & treats. They had to put child locks on that cupboard.

    1024 Web Solutions
    1024 Web Solutions

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I uploaded the video of the quick release in action. Also, Wally World has the buckles (similar) for $1.98 in the camping section, and the nylon strap in the fabric section, it was something like $0.49 a foot...

    1024 Web Solutions
    1024 Web Solutions

    Reply 5 years ago

    Sure you could. I wanted the buckle for easy access and locking. I squeeze the sides to release and the buckle un-clips in an ejected like fashion. I will add a short clip of it in action.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Good work for no during photos. Can't wait to see your second one!

    1024 Web Solutions
    1024 Web Solutions

    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks for the compliment. I am working on a 2nd DIY. ;) I'm excited to post, just have to wait for cure times and so forth.