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    What a clever DIY dog door. I'm going to make one although I think I will have a difficult time getting the flap since my dog is a Neapolitan Mastiff = 75kg, rather tall and very will probably need to be bomb proof.. Here goes! Thanks for the inspiration and I like that its not a 'blokey' complicated marvel of engineering and that a gal can do it!

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    Thank you very much. I love inventing!. Wow what a HUGE dog your Mastiff must be!! more to love :) . Maybe teach him/her to use a people door! :).. but really.. I'm not sure if "Custom Classy" makes one that large or who else would? somebody out there must. I found mine searching on ebay for a pet door. My dog a Border Collie mix weighs only around 50 pounds so I just needed a large size door flap. still working perfectly yay!..Good luck with your flap search..and thanks again!!:)

    Your dog door works perfectly! I can see how it would protect your house from wandering snakes. Thanks for sharing your build!

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