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Introduction: Dog Lamp

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Hey :),

In this Instructable, I will be making a Dog desk lamp/ Floor lamp/ Head lamp with Multi-color remote controlled R.G.B lamp.

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Step 1: Materials

Scrap wood.

Some Screws.

A4 paper.

Color Changing Lamp.

Step 2: Tools

Step 3: The Patterns

- Print the Patterns (I made them with google sketch-up)

-Cut and tape them onto the wooden plates.

-Cut the pieces out using the jigsaw / CNC router / laser cutter..

Step 4: The Body

- Drill out the holes for the joints using the drill ( best if you use a stationary drill ).

- Glue the 2 Middle-body parts.

- Cut out the space needed for the neck joint.

- Drill 2 holes through the body to run the electric cable through it (optional).

Step 5: The Head

take the curvature shape of the lamp and draw it onto the neck end, then cut it out.

Step 6: Assemble and Show It Off!

Drill a hole in the lamp and neck, a screw them in.

Cut the electric cable, pass it through the body, then rewire and isolate.


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    Whaouf !


    4 years ago

    Great design.