Dog Moulting? Stripping / Shedding Comb Efficient Removal of Dead Fur for Dogs, Cats and Other Pets.

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Short video showing correct way to strip dead fur from your dog and other pets

The technique involves back combing to release the hair, so that you can work without having to pull the fur from the comb.

This saves time and effort.

Step 1: How to Save a Lot of Housework If You Have Dogs and Other Pets That Shed Their Coats

This Simple method eliminates dog hairs in the home.

This video shows the correct way to strip the dead fur from your dogs coat, so that you stay in control and never have to release the collar..
Stripping the dead fur prevents dog odour around the home and saves hours in cleaning up those pesky short dog hairs that get everywhere. Hope you find it useful

The shedding comb shown, is £4.00 including postage from China and is as affective as any more expensive stripping combs.

Make sure you get the ones with a metal comb. There are inferior models that have plastic comb teeth, best avoid these.

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