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Introduction: Dog Seat Belt

Are you an erratic driver? Is everyone else around you an awful driver? Do you take your dog everywhere with you? (I sure do, for more of Robyn's Adventures check out: )

So! I was cut off by a Q-tip one day while driving with my senior dog Robyn and the results were awful! Robyn flew hard against the back seat and I was so sad for her. I immediately drove to the nearest pet store and bought her a seatbelt. We used that seatbelt faithfully right up to the day we lost it while camping. Needing a new one I decided to make one similar to the store bought one with an old favorite standby- DUCT TAPE <3 !!


Duct Tape  (any flavor)
2 Plastic Clips from your Mom's old fanny pack
Measuring Tape
A lovable patient old Dog (I met Robyn at the Humane Society last year)
Treats (Double duty- Chips were good behavior incentives for both of us)

Step 1: Show Some Love

Coerce your dog by your side with some love and/or treats.
Measure dog in 4 main areas for guidelines:
and neck-to-waist both along her back and her belly.

These measurements are guidelines only. You will adjust the straps to fit once they are made and measured up against your dog.

Step 2: Making the Straps

If you don't already know how to make a basic strap with duct tape, you're... the right place!!

Lay out one strip of tape- sticky side up! Take another strip of tape, the same length or a bit longer, and place it sticky side down onto the other tape's sticky side. Fold over the overlapping strips onto each other (lenghtwise) Ta DA!  You've made a strap of sorts!! You can manipulate the width of the strap by deducing that the width of tape that originally touches sticky sides will be your width- do not include the parts that will be folded over.

You want the width of your strap to be no wider than the opening of your plastic buckle-clips.

Step 3: Back and Stomach Straps

Now you will make the straps for her Back and Stomach. Both straps will connect the waist and neck bands perpendicularly, but the back strap will be doubled.
The double strap on the back is what you feed the car standard over-the-shoulder seatbelt through, before clicking it in to the car. Make three 'straps', double up the back, measure against your pup, and permanently adhere to the neck and waist straps.

When attaching the straps keep in mind the placement of the plastic clips. I kept mine in line with Robyn's left shoulder. Your dog will have to lift one of her front lefts to step into the seatbelt each time no matter where you place the clips, but if the front and rear ones are in line you will know where to look for them.

Step 4: Have a Cocktail!

Because you are done!

With all of the straps attached firmly, and with it fitting your dog well (NOT TOO TIGHTLY!!) you have nothing left to do but show it off to your ugly neighbor kids, or whomever you feel like gloating to.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I just found in my local walmart the clips you should in both the sewing & outdoor section as well as nylon strapping (1inx60in) in the sewing section,, $1.97 for each..