Dog Training Devices From a Paper Coffee Cup

Searching for more ways to use a Paper Coffee Cup, (and relaxing on the front stoop of the shop) we realized there was a whole pet market out there in need of our devices.

We will detail two of them here, as construction details are identical.

As you can see, we have poked a hole through both sides of the Paper Coffee Cup and put through a wire. We used wire because we had wire. An elastic would be better, but we did not have an elastic and it was Sunday, so we used wire.

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Step 1:

Ok, the first device is a muzzle, something not really needed in Sadie's case unless you are a timbit, then you are in danger.

However as you can see, our model was clearly eager to demonstrate the device.

Step 2:

And the second device, an alms cup, which should be accompanied by a sign asking for money or timbits, and detailing the lengths gone to, to receive reward. "Not a monkey but will dance for Timbits", "Put in money and point me to the drive through"

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