Dog Tug Toy

Introduction: Dog Tug Toy

I saw a toy like this at a friends house and believe they bought it somewhere. I had the materials at home and decided to try making it myself. It was easy to make, durable, and my pups enjoy the soft and stretchy components of the fabric toy.

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Step 1: Materials

4 Strips of Fleece (3-4in x 3ft) preferable two or four different colors

2 Smaller Strips of Fleece (4-6in x 1/2-1in)

Step 2: Weave Away!

Stack the four strips of fleece. About 2 inches from one end, use one of the smaller pieces of fleece and tie it in a knot around all four piece. Tie this as tight as you can.

Now for the weaving... The weaving pattern is a square weave lanyard pattern.

Open up the four strands so that they are each pointing a different direction (north south east west).  The north and south strands should be the same color and the east and west strands should be the other color.  Take the south strand and cross is over the center toward the north to make a bridge like loop. Take the north strand and cross it over the center toward the south (and to the left of the south strand) to make a parallel bridge. The east strand (moving west) then goes over the first (south) strand and under the next (north). The west strand (moving east) goes parallel (and below) to the east strand, going over and then under. Pull the stands tight and you should have a checker box square pattern.

Repeat this step until the toy is as long as you desire. Then use the last small fleece piece and tie a knot around the four strands as tightly as possible.  Separate the end pieces so that they are apart and have a ruffle look.  Cut the end pieces to make them even if necessary, but do not cut them too short or the tie may eventually slide off. 

Step 3: Enjoy!

I hope your pup has a great time with this toy! I am not sure about the strength of the fleece ties on the ends of the toy. If anyone has any ideas about a more secure way of tying the ends of this toy, please comment!!

My pups are loving it! My friend made this as well and her dogs are loving it too!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I made a bunch of these for my weim he loves them and destroys them but they are cheap enough to make. I have also played around with making different shapes. They are his new favorite toy next to the kong but who can compete with treats.


    5 years ago

    Looks like you love your herd of dogs as much as me.