Dog Water Bottle/ Water Fountain Bottle Filler Helper




this my instructables on making a dog bottle and a water fountain filler/helper for the old ones and if you just want to make a cheap dog bottle when you walk your dog. =)

P.S. and yes that's my dog roxy she likes it lol

Step 1: Parts and Tools

well to make this you need at least three parts and they are:

2x big water bottles of your choice

1x 3/4 45* pvc elbow

and 1 soft or hard bottle cap

tools you will need is:

knife or a big drill bit

hot glue gun

hot glue sticks

sand paper or dremel with sand drum attachment


Step 2: Cut the Cap

well just cut a hole in the cap with choice of knife

Step 3: Sand Down the Knoches to Fit in Side the 3/4 Elbow Adpter

sand down one bottle's cap threads and sand dwon one of the sides inside the 3/4 elbow to fit the cap with the hole in it

Step 4: Put It Together

Step 5: Cut a Hole in the Bottle

dont cut it in half just cut a hole so when you tilt it it dosen't spill the watter so keep the bottom

Step 6: Just Glue It

Step 7: Test It

Step 8: Your Done

if u need help send me a pm =)



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I like this idea. I have a puppy- her name is Angel (and shes my lil devil). I like the design of your idea. I will be putting this to use. You have my vote!

    1 reply