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these are things that are SO useful if you just got a puppy.

Step 1: Poop Bags

to start off you probably have poop bags all over your house a simple but useful way to stop this is too put it in a basket. sore it in a place where your puppy or dog can't reach

Step 2: Toys, Chews, and Unopened Treats

same as before collect them from around your house and put them in a basket,store the basket in a place where your dog or puppy can't get them.

Step 3: Food and Water

The first thing you do is put a mat of some sort down. A good place is somewhere in your kitchen where you can see while you are cooking and/or eating. then put the food bowls down and you're good to go.

Step 4: Treats

Two good places for treats are: In jars that have a cap that you can flip open or an old nut container or something like that.

Step 5: Food Storage

A great way to store food in large bins, one for each dog. A way to store unopened food is to put it somewhere in your kitchen: a place where you are a lot so you would know if they tried to get into it.

Step 6: Bed

you should have two dog beds: one where the dog sleeps and another where he can be cozy. A place for the second one is in your living room: a place where the whole family can be together and relax.



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    2 years ago

    These ideas seem so obvious but many people don't use baskets or food containers! Great job & fun for the kids. Goes for all pets!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    when we got our first dog we were so unorganized but now it's better because we have more expereance


    2 years ago

    Billy the Bunny and I gave you a vote! Good luck!