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To say that my wife likes our pets is to say that people need water to survive. We have a Pomeranian and she is dead set on clothing him. Instead of buying him clothes that are expensive yet cheaply made, I decided to make him a vest myself.
Materials needed: 
Sewing machine
Dog in need of clothes

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Step 1:

I first measured the dog from shoulder to shoulder over the back. This was 16 inches. I then measured from the base of the neck to mid waist. this was 10 inches.
I cut a piece of denim that was 16 X 10.
Next I cut two 10 inch long strips that were 5 inches wide. Then I added the extension pieces to the main piece to form a full vest. 
In order to lay the seams flat, I stitched them down to the vest.

Step 2: Leg Holes

I measured his legs and they would come through the vest 2 inches into the 5 inch part. 
I made a series of cuts to form 8 little triangles. They were then stitched down flat and cut off the excess.
LEG HOLES! It is starting to come together.

Step 3: Bling and Finish

I decided to add treat pockets to the back to the vest. Then I added buttons and checked the fit. Eventually I had to Increase the size of the leg holes. I will add a nice Patch to the back tomorrow.


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    8 years ago on Step 3

    This is simply the best addition to any taxidermized animal that you could make!