Dog Food Leftover Chicken Bake




Introduction: Dog Food Leftover Chicken Bake

Here is a healthy dog food recipe using left over chicken. It is a very simple recipe that the animals eagerly wait to eat.  You can use any leftover chicken or turkey.  This would be a great meal to make after Thanksgiving.  It bakes up as a loaf for easy cutting and storage.  You could also modify the recipe if you don't feel comfortable grinding up the bones, and use just the chicken pieces chopped up.  But the marrow from the bones provide wonderful nutrients for your pups. I still feed our dogs a grain-free kibble mix, but they love when I give this type of treat mixed in.  The ingredients use flax seed meal instead of oat or corn, because of our dog having allergy problems.  Hope you enjoy the video!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Love the presentation! Can't wait to try this yummy dog loaf!