Dog Run Fix




Introduction: Dog Run Fix

This is a simple fix to stop dogs leash from hanging up and not moving freely along a dog run cable.

Step 1: Parts List

2 - 1/2 inch pvc unions
1 - 1/2 inch pvc 90° elbow
1 - length of Rope or cable
Opt. - hooks or eyes depending on your set-up.

Step 2: Thread Rope

Feed rope through pvc union, pvc elbow and through last pvc union.

Step 3: Secure Rope and Pvc Glide

Next drape 3 pieces over cable dog run ( existing or new cable tied between trees or other secure posts) making sure 90° elbow rests on top of cable. Tie rope ends together with simple square knot or knot of your preference.

Step 4: Finish and Watch Happy Dog

The rope end can be finished with simple loop or added hardware of your choice. Now even a light weight dog can enjoy mobility on a outdoor cable run.

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    2 Discussions


    6 years ago

    retractable leash is a must have, but my very small dog was unable to move a pulley but had no trouble with this


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I made something like this before but with a pulley instead. Depending on your pulley this may or may not be better, but what I found to work really well was to put one of those retractable leashes on so that the dog was never getting tangled in the line. I had it set so that he could lie under the cable with a little slack in the line but when standing it would never hang and tangle the legs.