Dog Shirt From an Adult Fleece Shirt




About: i got a third chance at a new life! I want to thank my close friends.( 1 lives here) 3 Police deptartments, and food and water as well as a safe house, and protection, my life is going to be great KARMA KARM...

See above I have the smallest Toy Poodle Hybrid , When Fall comes around and the Quils

make it onto my bed again , He is under the covers shivering.

I saw this ? At DYI

And I thought this is something I would be able to make for my Puppy

even While working nights

Step 1:

Step 2:

I am in no way taking credit for this picture, but I love it so much

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4 years ago

Love this. I will have to try this with our girls.

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Reply 4 years ago

Thank you for your Note Sir

I already made 2, since my little 8 lbs Toy
Poodle Hybrid crawls under my Covers and shivers.
Now before bed I put his home made flannel on
he loved it.

I found the front leg holes too small to sew by machine,
So I pin with small safety pins, and sew by hand.

Hope these tricks help