Doggy Kefir Cheese Cake

Introduction: Doggy Kefir Cheese Cake

A easy-to-make, dog-friendly, cake made with kefir cheese, milk kefir, dog biscuits, coconut butter, coconut oil, gelatin, honey and fresh fruit. Not only is it simple to make, it is also filled with healthy probiotics and collagen, and is very good for your pooch.

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Step 1: Crush the Biscuits

Crush some dog biscuits using a rolling pin or mortar and pestle. Here, I'm using the Sunday Pets Deliganics as that is what my dogs are used to.

Step 2: Binding the Crumbs

Add a mix of coconut butter and coconut oil to bind the crumbs. Here, I'm using the Artisana brand of organic coconut butter. Do add more coconut oil to the mix if you find it too thick.

Step 3: Forming the Base

Mix the oil well into the crumbs and pack it tightly into the base of a springform tin. Leave to set in fridge.

Step 4: Making the Cheese Layer

Prepare gelatin mixture. Add it to kefir cheese. If the mix is too thick, add some milk kefir. You may also add some chunks of mango for colour. Cover and leave in fridge to set.

Step 5: Adding the Fruit Layer

Arrange fruit on top of already set cheese layer. Prepare honey solution. Add gelatin to it. Mix well. Pour over the berries. Cover and leave to set in fridge.

Step 6: Unmoulding the Cake

When set, release the springform tin slowly to release the cake. Lift out and cut into slices. Serve to your doggies.

Step 7: Serve to Happy Dog

Cut and serve to your happy dog.

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