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We have a dog, Landseer male named Toope. ( Toope means silly / little stupid in english )

Toope's first table was made with that "stylish way".. holes in the board and cups sunked to the surface level.

Those we're very popular couple years ago.

After a while i noticed that its not that good after all. Big dog eats and drinks little messy way, and old table was little hard to clean. And finally spilled water was absorbed inside the board from the edges of the cup holes... and the board started to darken.

Then i decided to make a new one. As a material i used kids old bed frame and a piece of rubber.

Video in the last step shows the whole process.

Tools used:

Miter saw

Power hand plane

Clamps (homemade and bought ones)

Drill press

Diy ( sidewinder in a box ) table saw.


Step 1: Material..

I ripped the bed in pieces with a mallet.

Then i cut the boards to the right size with miter saw.

Finally i straightened the edges with table saw.

Step 2: Board..

Board is made from the side parts of the bed.

I made five 80mm x 600mm sized pieces that i clued together with wood glue.

After glue was dried i smoothened the surfaces with power hand plane.

I removed only 0.25 mm at a time, until surface was smooth enough.

I straightened parts for the frame with the same way. That can be seen better from the video.

Step 3: Going Forward..

For the edges of the board i made small stripes from the leftover black alder wood. I had used it for the seats in our sauna.

Finally smoothened every surface with a sander. used 120, 320 and 600 grit papers.

Finally applied many layers of varnish.

( from the spray bottle, not the best solution, but i had no better available then )

Step 4: The Idea...

Ok.. and what makes this so different?

Simply that the top board can be removed. Its much easier to clean, you can remove the board, wipe it in a better working height, also frame is easier to clean, when there's no hard to reach spots.

Under the board is "suppots" that also holds the board, so that it doesn't move sideways.

There is also rubber pieces that holds the weight. Rubbers prevents possible annoying "claceti clac" noise wich may occur if the board starts to bend after some time. Thin wooden boards usually do that, now it doesn't matter.

Toope likes it, it is easier to clean, my wife wasn't very exited from the idea, but liked the result. That was nice too. :)

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    2 years ago

    Something like this would be really neat for our family members with great danes :)

    4 replies

    Lol. Sorry. I posted a smiley with my phone.. it seems that site didn't understand the code. I supposed to answer: :)


    2 years ago

    Very cool idea! but aren't you learning your dog to eat off a table now? maybe he will eat off your coffee table now. Beside that, Great!

    1 reply