Doing a French Nail Polish During a Drive

Sometimes you have a long drive + no time to put on some nail polish - so your next challenge is french manicure during a drive (of course - you are not the driver!)


1 driver
1 transparent nail polish
1 white thin nail polish
1 ear stick

cotton wool

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Step 1: Place the Cotton Wool & Put the Transparent Nail Polish

Place the cotton wool between your fingers in the legs and put the Transparent Nail Polish

You can do it at each point of the way - it's transparent so... it doesn't matter

Step 2: Wait for It to Dry

place your nail in front of the air conditioning,

look out the window and play I spy with my little eye


if you want to be efficient, while one leg is drying - proceed to the other one.

Step 3: Put on the White Stripe

Try to wait for a red light/ traffic
Be gentle

You have an ear stick for an emergency case!!

Slowly and gently (or not) put on the white stripe.
Then go back to the Wait for It to Dry step with air-conditioning

take a photo of your outcome and share it here.

You've got this, Good luck!

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