Doll Bed




Introduction: Doll Bed

This bed is sure to make any little girl happy for years.

It is easily a weekend project, could be done in less time if you use a fast setting glue. It's not tool intensive either. I only used a table saw and a band saw. It could be made using only hand tools if you have some 13mm (1/2 in) stock.

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Step 1: Parts Needed

7mm (1/4in) plywood 350 x 875mm (12 x 30in).

51 x 121mm (2x4) about 700mm (24in) long.



Step 2: Cut Plywood to Size

We will need:

2 Pieces 165 x 121mm (6 1/2 x 4 3/4 in).

1 piece 165 x 230mm (6 1/2 x 9 in).

2 pieces 40 x 230mm (1 1/2 x 9 in).

Cut the plywood to 165mm (6 1/2 in) wide then cut another strip to 40mm (1 1/2 in).

Cut 2 pieces of the 165mm (6 1/2 in) piece to 121mm (4 3/4 in) long then a 230mm (9 in) piece.

Cut 2 pieces of the 40mm (1 1/2 in) piece to 230mm (9 in) long.

Step 3: Make the Headboard and Footboard.

Mark a 140mm (5 1/2 in) radius on one of the 165 x 121mm (6 1/2 x 4 3/4 in) pieces. I used a 5 gal bucket. Be careful to center the bucket on the wood.

Cut both pieces together and sand smooth. You can tape the 2 together to be sure they match.

Cut one piece down to 77mm (3 in) as shown in the picture, this will be for the foot of the bed.

Step 4: Make the Corner Posts

This step we will cut the 51 x 103mm (2x4) into 13mm (1/2 in) square strips.

2 pieces 70mm (2 3/4 in) long.

2 pieces121mm (4 3/4 in) long.

Cut it into square strips.

1. Set the table saw fence 13mm (1/2 in) from the blade.

2. Cut 3 strips. Use a push stick to push it thru. Always keep your hands away from the blade!

3. Cut each strip into 2 more strips. You don't need to cut the first strip, only trying to get 2 strips that are cut on all 4 sides.

4. Cut 2 pieces to 70mm (2 3/4 in) and 2 more to 121mm (4 3/4 in).

Step 5: Assemble the Bed Frame, Headboard and Footboard.

Use tape to hold the pieces together and properly aligned.

Tape the bed frame sides to the bottom, use care to align the ends flush.

Open the joint and add glue, fold into place and let dry. Check to be certain the sides are flush on the ends and bottom.

To assemble the headboard and footboard use short pieces of the 13mm (1/2in) square to space the corner posts.

Glue and tape them being careful to keep them located properly.

Step 6: Final Assembly.

  1. Put the bed frame on a couple 13mm (1/2 in) square scraps.
  2. Put glue on both ends.
  3. Hold the headboard and footboard using tape. Be sure all 4 corner posts are touching the table top.
  4. Paint. I used a spray paint, but not happy with it. The plywood I used was oak veneer so it had a heavy wood grain on one side and the other side was a poor quality so I couldn't stain it. I might go over it later with a latex paint to get a better finish.
  5. You could paint a heart or other design on it to add personality.

Step 7: Make a Mattress and Pillow.

I had some foam left over from some chairs I had made, so I decided to try my hand on my wife's sewing machine. I found small pieces of material at Walmart.

I've never used a sewing machine before, but I watched my mom, sister, wife, daughter and grandson use one so I thought I might be able to use one. My mattress and pillow turned out OK, but far from perfect (maybe only acceptable). Next time I'll ask for help.

I cut the 16mm (1/2 in) thick foam slightly smaller than the bed. Then marked the material slightly larger than the foam and sewed on the line, with the material inside out. Then did the same for the pillow.

I turned the mattress and pillow right side out and put the foam in. I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out for my first try.

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