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Introduction: Doll Serving Dish

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Just a few minutes and you can have a gruesome serving dish.

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Step 1: Get Everything Together

You'll need;

*A doll with a hollow plastic body
*A utility knife or box cutter
*A hot glue gun
*Sturdy scissors
*A plastic food container (from salsa, sour cream or something similar)

Step 2: Cut, Clean, and Cap

Cut open the belly - you can do a smooth opening or jagged. Remove the doll's head (you might want to make a small cut at the back of the neck to make this easier). Put the open body through the dishwasher or hand wash and dry it - who knows where that's been! With the decapitated head glue the eyes open if they are the kind that close when the doll is on its back. You also can glue one wide open and the other partially for that lazy-eyed broken doll look. Put the head back on (I'd remove it when washing in the future). When the limbs are drained out and dry you should cut pieces of the plastic container to cover the openings so that they don't fill with your food. My doll needed just a squeeze of glue in two small holes in the legs and then caps on the arm and neck holes. Fill her belly up with salsa, guacamole, or anything else that is bound to make people shudder as they dip chips in.



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    Humm the commenter is still broken.

    Anyways would have been even creeper if you made the doll look like an alien.
    In the cavity you could place a dish of some kind for safety reasons. In the head you can make makeshift pics and or spoons that look like eye ball stocks and or crab claw like things so that you can prevent the double dipping by letting people serve them selves on little snack platters.

    Maybe for the platters you can make them look like some weird alien scales. Maybe make them out of veggies so in the end people can eat them instead of you having more dishes to wash and or garbage to throw away. ;)

    Agreed. I'm mildly disturbed at best. I mean, I'd still eat out of it. I'd just cry myself to sleep afterward.

    "Omg toxins" is a legit concern not people trying to find ways to criticize. So far it seems only two people out of what, 70 or so have said that without talking about ways to separate the food from the doll plastic. It is of concern that the author doesn't really mention it-and not many people know about the dangers from eating from non-food safe plastic whether it's pthlalates, or lead(commonly found in cheap toys from China), or plastic being porous enough to harbor lots of pathogens.

    2 replies

    That's true. You should be concerned about toxins. However, dolls end up sucked on, kissed, held and spend a lot of time in contact with children. If you're willing to let your kid do that, then eating off of it once might not be so crazy. But eating out of dish like this is supposed to make you seem crazy.

    You could also put foil or wax paper in it!

    Personally I wouldn't be comfortable with kids putting it in their mouths either:
    I admit though, maybe eating a little bit of dip once every few years isn't going to hurt a grown adult.

    I love this, I can hardly wait until Halloween to use this idea.

    Perfect for the next PTA meeting! If you could get a big enough doll's head it would work good to slice off the top of the head and mount it in the center of a plate to hold the chips. Or better yet, mount a hand so it rises out of the chips to hold the hollowed-out head. Yeah .... it's time to go back on the medication.

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    I am going to try it. I have a few in the sewing room. My family would go berserk. Our family recipe for bread dip would look like brains and be perfect. I will have to think about the stomach contents. I'm sure I can come up with something totally gross. We are always trying to one up each other at the family Halloween party. I bet I can really be a competitor this year. Great ideas. THANKS

    That's an even better idea! I would paint the face up a bit to make it look less like it was just grabbed out of the box. She needs bruises, I think, and maybe some of the hair should go missing. And definitely put in a container for the food product, if you use the head, because the food will get stuck in the hair holes and will be impossible to clean (not to mention really scary to eat from all that mystery plastic). You could mount the heads on a candelabra...

    That 'heads on a candelabra' idea has some mileage in it... scoop the tops off and you could serve a variety of dips, or, if you can get hold of a zombie-brain jello mould the right size, whatever you fancy that can be moulded - brains in aspic kind of idea?