Dollar Bike Fender



Introduction: Dollar Bike Fender

If you dreamed it then build it!

Riding in the San Francisco city has its challenges, one of them is getting occasionally sprayed by the water /sludge streaming down sidewalks lining the road.
So I wanted to make a lightweight, washable fender myself using something cheap e.g., the plastic cutting board set that I got from the neighborhood home goods for $4.99 for a set of 3!

One that I could wash and stick into my backpack, when not in use.

Having got inspired by the $1 Mudguard project, I set out to create another one that attached itself to the the downtube instead of the saddle or seatstays etc. I desired one that didn’t need cable ties or Velcro to attach itself but had some strategically placed cuts that allowed it to be fixed into position.

Taking a piece of paper did a folding exercise around the down tube to get the actual measurements.

Next I rough sketched the model on a piece of paper & made a preliminary design layout on the plastic mat to finally cut it out using scissors and garden snips.

This was my first attempt, so, I didn’t bother cutting it on the red colored board one that I’ve saved up for the final design!


- Plastic cutting board set $4.99 for a set of 4,

- Plastic sheet scoring/cutting tool

- A4 paper , for rough sketch

- Pen/markers

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Step 1: Finding the Correct Fender Dimensions ( Width)

Using a piece of scrap paper I measured out the length of 3 sides of the square space on the bike seat stay above the rear tire.

This measured dimension was 7.5 cm hence my width of the fender was 7.5 cm to simplify the things.

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