Dollar Bill USB Flash Drive Case




Introduction: Dollar Bill USB Flash Drive Case

In this instructable you will learn how to make a sleek new Flash Drive case out of a US Dollar bill in just ten easy steps.


For this tutorial we will use a Sandisk Cruzer, if you have any type of Sandisk Flash Drive, this tutorial should work for you. Modifying any electronic device includes some form of risk. Any data on the drive should be backed up. You should also keep the original case, you might need it. Flash drives are resilient and pretty hard to break, but if you do happen to break it in the process, don’t shoot the messenger.

Gather your materials...You will need:

A Flash Drive

Clear Office Tape

A Dollar Bill

A Small Toolkit(A Small Flathead Screwdriver Works Best)

There is a more in depth powerpoint attached to this instructable:

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Step 1: Crack Open the Case:

Every USB is different, some are harder to open then others. Opening a USB can be risky so first, back up any data before you open it. Find any ridges along the casing and work the small screwdriver into them, keep doing this until all you have is a small PCB with a USB connector.

Step 2: First Fold:

Fold the bill in half lengthwise.

Step 3: Second Fold:

Unfold the last fold and use the crease as a guide. Fold the two sides into the center lengthwise.

Step 4: Add the Drive:

Add the flash drive under one flap and over the other an inch from one end.

Step 5: Third Fold:

Fold the short end of the bill over the drive.

Step 6: Wrap:

Wrap the long end of the bill tightly until the bill is completely wrapped around the drive.


Step 7: First Tape:

Line tape up to the top left corner of the drive and wrap it around the drive twice.

Step 8: Second Tape:

Line tape up to the bottom left corner of the drive and wrap it around the drive twice.

Step 9: Third Tape:

Apply tape to the top edge of the new case and wrap it over the bottom.

Step 10: Fourth Tape:

Continue the tape from the last step until it reaches the other top edge of the case, cut to size and press the tape to the drive.

Step 11: Thats It!:

Your new USB flash drive case is complete! Hold on to the old plastic cover cause you might need your dollar back some day!

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