Cheap $3 Arc Reactor


Introduction: Cheap $3 Arc Reactor

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Make your own Arc Reactor with $3.00 and a glue gun!!! The uses are unlimited... Halloween costume, props, or home decor!

Dollar Store Supplies:

1. LED Night light
2. Wire*
3. LED lights*

*Some stores have "copper-like" wire in the floral section.

*FYI LED string lights are sold during the Christmas holiday!!

Step 1: Disassemble and Reassemble!

1. Disassembled the Night Light. Very simply pop the cover off. You do not need the plastic cover.

2. Weave the wire in between the silver shield.

3. Hot glue the silver shield back.

Step 2: Add Lights

1. Simply glue LED lights in an organized fashion around the Night light.

2. Tape or glue wires behind Arc Reactor. **Customize for your costume**

3. Show it off!!!!

Step 3: Judges

The sketch is a rough draft for a cardboard overlay. I will continue to work on my overall Ironman/War machine costume and possibly show my progress.

Dear Judges,

I believe this short tutorial showcases my potential to become a great Instructables' Instructor. If I won any supplies to master my craft, especially a 30-WATT ZING 16 LASER, I would use it to enhance my project and future ones. I would definitely use it to create a cover with intercut cuts and 3-Dimensional designs that would turn this $3 dollar project to a priceless masterpiece.

Thank you,




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    Love this. Cheap, but still looks great. Would love to see what you do for the faceplate. Sketch looks good.

    No thank u ,,n plz keep doing what u love n never stop dreaming

    Awesome instructable! I've been looking for an arc reactor plan that was easier and didn't involve 3-D printing custom pieces and such, and this fit the bill perfectly! thank you for posting this, you've made an iron man cosplay much easier :)

    Ur nickname make honors tu u by the way nice instructivo

    1 reply

    I absolutely love this instructable, so simple and easy

    1 reply