Dollar Store Flower Vase



Introduction: Dollar Store Flower Vase

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  • Clear coat spray paint
  • Color spray paint
  • Metallic spray paint
  • Faux flowers (at least 2 per holder)
  • Wire pencil holder
  • Wire cutter 2- felt pieces 10”x 5”
  • Small rubber band/elastic

*Optional Can gun for spray can paper (printer paper or poster board)

Step 1: Painting Pencil Holder

  • Set up a spray station using what ever you have on hand; large paper, trash bags, empty box, etc.
  • Place pencil holder face up. If you have it add can gun to spray paint can, then begin to spray holder. Make sure to spray from every angle to make sure it is fully covered.
  • Let the first layer dry.
  • Add a second layer and then let that dry.
  • At this point a clear coat can be added this will help prevent any scratches from taking the paint off.

W/ Paper

* Works better if Holder is right side up

  • Now taking the paper use it you loosely section off the top half of the holder, in a downward motion take to metallic pain and begin to spray.
  • Hold to can parallel to side to make sure it is fully covered on the side.
  • You can add another paper to the inside the prevent the spray paint from getting on any unwanted parts.

W/O Paper

  • Spray in a downward angle starting at the base and slow move upward til it is to a desired level.
  • Spray parallel to the side to fill in any gaps if needed. Go back with the colored spray paint if need to touch up the line.
  • Let it dry completely.

Step 2: Preparing Flowers

  • Using the wire cutter, cut the base of each stem.
  • Place one of the flower next to the hold to make sure it is the right length. If it is not the cut it to length.
  • Arrange the flowers into a bouquet, bring all the stems together and use the elastic to hold the ends together.
  • So that that the flowers are not too smashed together, at or near the base of the flower bend the stem slightly outwards. Do this to all the ones on the outer edge.
  • Place the flowers in the holder to make sure it looks ok. If it it is not then just repeat the last step.

Step 3: Lining

  • Because the holder is mesh a lining is needed to hide the stems. I used felt, but fabric, yarn, rocks and other items can be used to fill it.
  • Cut a strip of felt that is about 10” by 5”, and start to pull the longest part to create a slight cone shape that will fit into the holder.
  • When placing the felt in make sure to keep the seam in line with the seam on the holder push it in till it is flush with the base of the holder.
  • Then just trim off any of the excess felt at the top. Place the flowers in the vase and now it is finished.

* Optional- Use glue to hold everything in place.

Step 4: Video

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