Dollar Store Skull Corpsing With Spray Foam No 1




Another cool tutorial form Monster Tutorials

How to corpse those cheap dollar store skulls with spray foam and paint
This is a super easy technique to corpse a skull or any other prop that needs to be fleshy and chunky. This is the first of 3 corpsing techniques using cheap dollar store skulls. Watch the video here, and subscribe while you're there.


Cheap skull

Spray foam

Red and black paint

Wood stain

Step 1: Spray Foam

This is a very messy tutorial, make sure to cover your work area.

Spray some foam onto the work surface and, using gloves, grab some foam and start smearing it onto the skull. Cover the whole skull, don't get foam on the teeth.

Let foam rest for 10 minutes while the foam expands and forms a workable skin.

Step 2: Painting the Flesh

When the spray foam is dry to the touch (about 10-15 mins), paint the foamed area with the red paint. Get the paint deep in all the cracks and crevices. Don't paint the teeth or any exposed "bone". Let this coat dry. Using a broad brush, lightly paint the top of the red foam with black paint so that only the very outside layer is black and the rest is still red (see the video to see what I mean). Let dry thoroughly.

Step 3: Staining and Finishing Up

Using a foam brush or cotton swab, cover the whole skull with wood stain, then immediately wipe off with a clean paper towel. You are done and should have a nice skull that looks like human BBQ.

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2 years ago

This made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, we're going to need to make one for this year!

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Reply 2 years ago

Neck hair standing up is a complement in this industry, right? I'm glad you like it. If you make it, can you share them? My IG is @monstertutorials and twitter @talbertmonsters
Have a great weekend!


Reply 2 years ago

Yes, absolutely! If it doesn't creep us out it isn't good enough to be a decoration in our house. We don't do cute. XD I've got to work on my costume first, but if I finish in time I will definately try this out and post the results. :)


2 years ago

This is really cool. I already have the materials around and can't wait to get started. This is going to be a fun mother/daughter project.

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