Dollar Store Skull

Introduction: Dollar Store Skull

Step 1: Materials

Dollar store skulls
Spray paint
- Used the "hammered" paint from Walmart
- red
- black
Newspaper - cheap drop cloths

Step 2: Painting

I started with hitting the skulls with the black paint from far away so it just gets splatter of the color. Once dry i did the same with the hammered paint, but put it on a bit heavier.

Step 3: Blood / Red Paint

Because of what im going to use these for i used a spot on the back of the skull so the red spray paint would drip down the head & face. I sprayed close to the head and sprayed in a "u" shape back and fourth to get the look i wanted. I held the skull w/ the fave towards the floor once it started to drip down the fave i started to tilt up so it doesn't just drip all over the floor

Step 4: Accessories

I added some cloth and mechanics wire to hang and use as the body

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