Dollhouse #2 Part 1

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Hi this is my 2nd dollhouse still in progress as I only have the kitchen,2 bedrooms,living room and nursery for the baby but there's still bout 3 more rooms on the 2 floors I used so far but there's a whole other floor to do so I'm going to spend my craft time now doing this even though I have a Pompii dollhouse almost finished (ill post that later)but I don't quite know what rooms to put on the 3rd floor so comment what you'd like to see in it.if you noticed the chandelier and guitar in the bedrooms ill post that later and in the kitchen I forgot to put the kitchen stuff from my last post in it but hey who cares the room way dark so you wouldn't have seen it anyway(I should have done this earlier)thanks ill post the rest when I have it so comment for the 3rd floor rooms so I can finish it and I'll post some of my other dollhouse a later thanks!!!:)

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    sorry about the pics my art room is at the front of the house so the sun was in the whole time making the pics bad (: