Dollhouse Fan 3D Printed

This is a small dollhouse fan 3D printed on for my 5 yr old daughter. Though a small project it involves concept sketch, CAD model, decide color and 3D printing model. It was a good project to attract attention of my daughter, immersed in princess world, to make things and get excited about it.

Motor was ordered from and fan was removed after received. Ordinary coin cells work fine with this motor.

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Step 1: Design the Fan in 3D CAD Software

Fan for this project came alive with a small sketch of flower and then designed the fan in 3D CAD software. Motor shaft is about 0.8 mm and holder is 6mm.

You can choose the fan shape arbitrarily. Leave a small hole in the fan blades for the motor shaft. Motor holder is hollow to allow wires to pass through

Step 2: 3D Print the Fan

3D print the fan and motor holder on your favorite 3D printer. I printed on in pink, my daughter's favorite color. It is really strong and flexible nylon polished material.

Step 3: Assemble

Insert the motor in the shaft holder. Then fix the fan in the motor shaft. Stick the fan assembly and cell to the dollhouse ceiling. Watch the fan in action, dolls will never feel the heat of summer again :).

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    1 year ago

    Love the flower design. Maybe longer/larger blades would have been even better, but maybe they need more power too.


    4 years ago

    You could cut spaghetti with that fan