Domaster & Tetrawing - Game Boy & Tetris Game Transforming Robots!





Introduction: Domaster & Tetrawing - Game Boy & Tetris Game Transforming Robots!

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Behold: Domaster & Tetrawing — heroic Nintendobots! Transforming from Game Boy system & Tetris game to robot & bird, and back!

The name Domaster is an amalgamation of “Dot Matrix with Stereo Sound”, the blurb written above the screens of old Game Boys. The name Tetrawing was coined by New York burlesque girl Dangrr Doll who does a Tetris-themed routine with D20 Burlesque!

This project was the sequel to my popular Nintendo/Transformers crossover, “Plasmashock” the NES Zapper. I spent about a month or so (give or take) working on this Game Boy and cartridge — the latter of the two took freakin’ forever to engineer properly. The final touches of the Game Boy came the custom water-slide clear decals that I printed for the first time ever, and surprisingly didn’t screw up a whole lot (aside from the obvious crooked “Nintendo Game” half above the right thigh of the robot). Also, the “Dot Matrix” label printed out much darker than expected on my laser printer, ergo it’s hard to see — but the blue-on-gray text for the buttons and Game Boy logo look damn fine! As for Tetrawing, his sticker is actually a high-res computer printout on glossy paper, cut apart like a puzzle and decoupaged to his LEGO frame with the help of Elmer’s Glue.

The 2 AA battery blasters are a nice touch, if I must say so myself. It wasn’t really difficult trying to engineer a sturdy but hollow system for the back of the legs to keep the two batteries — if anything, the head and arms took the longest to build on the robot. The arms turn sideways and fold behind the screen, whilst the head is attached to a series of hooks and hinges to fold back. The robot’s feet fold at 90° angles and then slide into the lower legs. The legs rotate and form the bottom of the Game Boy. I used tiles to create the D-pad, A & B buttons, and the Select/Start buttons — which also took some time to figure out — originally I had planned to use thin, small gray bars to be the Select/Start buttons, and even tried using the small headlight clips from Star Wars Clone Trooper helmets.



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    Yes, the instructions for the bird should be contained towards the end of the guide.

    i don't see it... is it here? or somewhere else? cuz this only has one step.

    does the game cartridge slide into the cartridge slot in the game boy!

    1 reply

    This is the first draft of the Game Boy Transformer made in 2012, so although the game cartridge slides into the back partially (not entirely), I made major engineering improvements on subsequent models in 2013 and 2014.

    I found it! This guy sells the complete kit with stickers on Facebook:


    4 years ago

    Your stuff is amazing!!!!

    It looks like it transformers into sound wave and laser beak from transformers

    It looks like it transformers into sound wave and laser beak from transformers

    can i post this to lego cuusoo? they put it through trials and stuff and they can possibly make it a lego set that people can buy!

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    I actually have a CUUSOO entry for this and my other Nintendoformers: -- feel free to share it on Facebook and tell all!

    I actually did make a video of its transformation cycles a few months back, but unfortunately the recording was done really slapdash with improper lighting and such, so I never ended up editing it. The closest I did to making a video was making a slideshow of pictures as seen in the instruction manual (uploaded here).